A person killed his lover


A youth committed suicide by killing his girl friend. It is being said that Since he saw his girl friend with other person and he lost his cool. Police has recovered dead body of the duo from a rented flat in Dehradun on tonight.

As per the CO, Mussoorie BS Chauhan, the girl was very much friendly with a person residing close to her house. Few days ago her boy friend saw her with another person and he lost his cool since then.

Seeing their altercation his brother-in-law came for mediation but could not succeed. On Tuesday he called his girl friend at his flat at Rajpur road, Dehradun and killed her. Later he also committed suicide by chopping his wrist. It seems before hanging he roamed around the room because blood stains were found around the room. Then he hanged himself with wire.

As per the local resident, he used to love her lot but he killed her on December 18. Despite seeing duo body they are yet to believe this.

Seeing silence since afternoon, house owner called the police on Tuesday night. As police reached then they knocked the door and later broke the door after getting no response. Thereafter they found two bodies from a room. In which a person was hanging with wire and a girl was lying down. It seems he killed her with sharp edge weapon and later he chopped his wrist too. It happened on Tuesday afternoon.


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