Water pipe leakage affects 15000 in Haridwar

With the main line of drinking water damaged near the Laltharo bridge, the population of more than 15 thousand people craved for water all day. The line damaged during the road cutting of the Public Works Department. Due to damage to the line, water supply in many areas was interrupted. The employees have started the repair work. On the other hand, the district magistrate Deepak Rawat promptly commented on the photograph of the leakage in the social media and wrote that the Jal Nigam is being asked to register an FIR against the person who damaged the line. On Sunday morning, at around 4 pm,  On the road going towards Valmiki Chowk, from Bilkeshwar the employees of the Public Works Department were cutting the road. Meanwhile, the main line of drinking water got damaged. So, in a short span of time, large amount of water came out and started flowing on the road. After receiving the information, the Jal Nigam  closed the supply of water from this line, which inhibited the supply of water in many areas including Brahmapuri, Upper Market, Bilkeshwar, Bus stand, Devpura Chowk, Nirmala Cantonment. The population of about 15 thousand of these areas has been affected. The staff of the water institution reached the spot for repair work. Until the news was written, the supply of water could not be smooth. During the day, the situation of jam repeatedly started during the day while digging to repair the Drinking Water line. Later, a policeman stood there and ensured smooth flow of the vehicles. Even before the water was broken, the drinking water line was damaged during the excavation near the Laltharo bridge. The main line has broken twice due to the same excavation at Krishnanagar of Kankhal.


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