Uttarakhand local body elections: 69% voting

On Sunday, the fate of the candidates of 84 local bodies in the state has been closed in the ballot boxes. There was a lot of enthusiasm among people across the state for voting. A total of 69.10 percent voter turnout is registered in the state, which is 3.54 percent more than in 2013. Polling took place on Sunday for elections that took place six months after the scheduled time. With this, the total number of 4978 contestants contesting on 1148 posts of Mayor / Chairman and Ward member of total 84 bodies have been closed in ballot papers. There was a lot of enthusiasm in the state for body elections. Voting started slow in the morning, but with the addition of sunshine, voting numbers also picked up. In the afternoon till 2 pm, 44.33 percent voting was registered in the state, which reached 69.10 percent till the polling was over. Long lines were seen outside polling centers till late evening: The Commission had fixed the time for the voting from 8 AM to 5 PM. But till 5 o’clock, the voting staff had to issue a slip and vote for a long line on the polling stations. In this, there were polling in Dehradun, Haridwar and districts like Udham Singh Nagar, at several places till 8.00 pm. Immediately after the election, the ballot box has been kept safe in the strong room between the security.


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