To improve education system, make your teacher stress free


Many eminent persons from various states shared their views during the first session of the “Gyan Kumbh’ being organized at Patanjali University, Haridwar on the topic “Government’s Initiatives towards improving Quality of higher education in India” on Saturday. Nagaland Governor Padmanabah Balkrishan Acharya chaired the session.

Acharya said that the states need to focus on the education systems in their respective states. Our education systems should be in consonance with our needs and requirements and making poor and marginalized capable should be the aim of education. There is need for reforms in our education systems to make India powerful and prosperous.

Deputy Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Dr. Dinesh Sharma said that there is need to reduce the mental tension of teachers for improving the education so that they are able to teach properly. He said that our education system should be as per the modern needs. Higher Education Minister, Manipur Mr. Tokchom Radheshyam said that education should not considered only as a means to get jobs and we need to create research oriented atmosphere in education and special efforts are needed for that.

Higher Education Minister, Jharkhand Dr Meera Yadav said that for overall development of students, there is need for skills development besides incorporating cultural education in the curriculum. Higher Education Minister Lahkmen Rymbui said that there is need to identify the strength of the students rather than their weaknesses and to encourage them. He said that there is also need for modernization of education to improve it’s quality. Swami Ramdev said on the occasion that out education should be inclusive and sensitive and education should be reflected in our values and personality.


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