Read it, if you have driving license


Do you have driving license ? if yes then be ready to exchange your driving license with new one.

Currently most of the people are using laminated driving license and now it is going to be outdated. New driving license would have QR code, which will have detailed information about you and your vehicle’s fitness too.

Even if you have tempered your vehicle’s document then it would be visible on their electronic gadget like smart phone. To implement this Ministry of Road and Transport has sent a proposal to all the state and asked them to make driving license with polycarbonated along with Quick Response (QR) code so that currently used laminated license can be stopped.

Even they have been asked to introduce high security Quick Response (QR) code in new driving license. Thereafter whenever you take your vehicle for pollution check then operator will scan QR code and will upload all the information like renewal and its expiry. That information will automatically transferred into central database.

Although union ministry has decided to give some time to the state to implement this system into their state. Meanwhile ministry has issued a notification on November 19. Under which if vehicle owner has their document electronically then traffic police can’t penalise them.


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