Read it, if you don’t like beetroots


Beetroots are known for their incredible health benefits and slimming properties. It is easily available during winter which is why it is also known as winter vegetable. The bright red or purple root vegetable is deep red or purple in colour and is known to be great for eye health and detoxification.

It fights with inflammation and detoxify the system. Moreover, it boosts heart health by regulating blood pressure and improving blood flow. Its green leaves are also edible and there are some incredible health benefits that one can enjoy from them as well.

Now question arises, Why we should consume beet greens during winters ?

It boosts immunity because of Vitamin C, which is known as nature’s immunity booster and beet greens are incredibly rich in it. It’s important to have a healthy immune system during winters to fight cold and flu.

It keeps you eyes and skin healthy because it contain Vitamin A, which is great for maintaining a healthy vision and is also important for cell differentiation and a healthy skin.

It keeps your bone and teeth healthy too because we know that Vitamin C is essential for healthy bones and teeth as well.

It contains Vitamin K, copper, manganese, iron and calcium too.


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