Rainfall brings down temperature in Uttarakhand

In most parts of the state, after the rains on Saturday, the weather has decreased the temperature. The maximum temperature of most areas has been decreased from five to six degrees. Because of the cold people have been forced to bring out their warm clothes. According to the Meteorological Department, there is still a forecast of light rain and snowfall in Uttarakhand.
Rain started on Saturday in several areas of the state including the capital Dehradun. There was light rain in different areas for about one hour. This led to cold condition in the region. After this the weather remained cloudy all day, due to which the sunlight was very less. There has also been a significant decrease in day temperature.

Meteorological director Bikram Singh said that there has been snowfall in the areas of upto three thousand meters high. He told that the maximum temperature of most areas has decreased from five to six degrees. This has reduced the maximum temperature to below normal. The minimum temperature can also be three to four degrees deficient. He said that the maximum temperature is expected to reach around normal on Monday. He told that Sunday rains are expected on Sunday as well.


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