India-Pak war would be foolishness: Imran Khan

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday urged India and Pakistan to come together to resolve their mutual dispute and become better neighbors. Keeping the cornerstone of the Kartarpur Corridor in Narowal, Pakistan, he said that his party, Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf, all the parties here and the Pakistani army are all together.

Giving examples of Germany and France, he said that they fought several wars against each other and how two European countries came together under the European Union and became part of it. The Pakistan PM said that as long as India and Pakistan continue to accuse each other, the two countries will not move forward.

“Take the Lessons From the Past”

They said – “We should learn from our past and should leave it. The past teaches us that we must proceed. But, here we go ahead and then come back. We must have the commitment to strengthen our relationships and strong will so that we can live with a good neighbor. Today, I say that my party, me and our army are all standing together. We want to move forward. We want good relationships. But, there is a problem between us and it is Kashmir. I ask you, we reach the moon, why can not we solve this issue. What is needed is that both the leaders across the border resolve this issue. But, it needs strong intentions. “

‘Madina is going to be like happiness’

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that he is looking at the happiness like going to Madina on this occasion. Imran said that I am seeing the happiness today as Muslims stand on the other side of the border just 4 km from Madina. But, they can not come there, but when they come here, they will be happy that the same happiness is seen here.

‘Our issue is only Kashmir’

Imran said that “our issue is only Kashmir. After all, what is the issue which can not be solved. We Must have strong intentions to solve. Pakistan army and government stand together. If India moves one step forward, then we will move two steps ahead. France-Germany can come along so why can not we come?”


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