Posters claiming Priyanka Gandhi Vadra as ‘missing’ crop up in Raebareilly

Yesterday many posters cropped up in Raebareilly in which Priyanka was described as ‘missing’ and an ’emotional blackmailer’.

Posters of Priyanka Gandhi’s disappearance were put in place late night in Rae Bareli, considered to be the Congress stronghold. There may be time remaining in Lok Sabha elections in the country but poster politics has started in Rae Bareli. In many posters posted in the city, Congress star campaigner Priyanka Gandhi has been called ‘Emotional Blackmailer’. Not only this, the question has been asked from Priyanka in the poster when you will come to Rae Bareli, because in the meantime, there were many major incidents in Rae Bareli, in which Priyanka Vadra was not seen. In such a scenario, Congress opponents have got an opportunity to attack Congress leader Priyanka.

Along with the Center, the BJP government in the state has prepared to encircle UPA chairmanship of Sonia Gandhi. Now Priyanka Gandhi, who is watching the work of Rae Bareli Congress organization, has been targeted. Opponents of Congress have installed posters asking for whereabouts of Priyanka Vadra’s disappearance. Apart from this, the pamphlets are also distributed to the people. Posters have been installed in Rae Bareli from Tripura intersection to Hardaspur and in many places in the city.


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