Police search operation of human skeleton


The police has relaunched an search operation of human skeleton, who had been missing since disaster 2013, in adjoining areas of Kedarnath on Friday. This time they have constituted five IPS member team, who will conduct search operation in different areas of Kedarnath

It is being conducted in accordance with an order state High Court passed in 2016 asking the government to conduct searches in the tragedy-hit area to find if any more remains were lying hidden.

Led by SP-rank officials, police teams comprising 35 members had gone deep into the jungles around the shrine in search of the remains of people who went missing after the deluge. The teams would comb the stretch between Gaurikund and Kedarnath on different routes, including Kalimath and Trijuginarayan. The HC had issued directives on a PIL that contended that despite the state government admitting around 3,500 persons had gone missing after the deluge, only 450 bodies had been recovered.

Thirty-one skeletons were recovered from the forests near the Trijuginarayan area in Rudraprayag district in October 2016, more than three years after the calamity.


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