More than 100 mow down by train in Amritsar


More than 100 person mow down by two train in Amritsar today. As they were watching giant Rawana, which was burnt by the Lord Ram as part of Dusshera. Thereafter people rushed for safer place amid sound of burning crackers. The place was nearby jauda Railway crossing so thousands of people were watching from railway tracks. Meanwhile train came so onlookers could not heard the sound of train and they trapped between the tracks and trains came from both side.

This incident has created panic among the people and they could not understand what to do and what not to do. Meanwhile several people were mow down by the running train. It is being said that they more than 50 feet long Rawana was made in congested areas so as it was lit then people started rushing here and there. It seems it was administrative and organiser failure because they could not anticipate the situation which is why several people lost their lives. Although administration has not declared the official list but eyewitness said that casualty figure may cross 200 mark.


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