Doon’s Zebra Crossing painted with saffron


Believe it or not, Uttarakhand government officials are putting more effort to gain closeness of BJP. As we know that BJP had won 57 out of 70 seat during Assembly election-2017. By giving huge mandate to the BJP people have already painted uttarakhand’s assembly with saffron colour and now officials are painting road with saffron.

As we know that to showcase good image among the people espeicaly delegates, who have been visiting uttarakhand during upcoming investors summit which is going to begin by October 7 and will continue till October 8. Even Trivendra Singh Rawat led Uttarakhand government is expecting that Rs 70000 crore MoU would be signed during the two days long summit. Due to this reason they have repaired the road and painted electric pole and repaired the all street lights leading to International Cricket Stadium, Raipur. Even chief minister Trivendra Singh Rawat has claimed on Friday that all preparation for upcoming investors are put in place.

To give good impression officials have painted road with saffron colour. Talking to the dainik nation, congress spokesperson Garima Dasauni said that this is an extreme case of sycophancy. You can see officials have painted the zebra crossing with saffron colour. With this they have been trying to send message to their political boss that how much they are impressed with BJP.

Although we know that zebra crossing being made of two colour i.e. white and black to alert the motorist. It ensembles with zebra’s colour which is why we say it is zebra crossing. White colour visible during night and black during day so motorist can see from far away but now officials have painted zebra crossing with white and saffron colour.


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