Dog walks off with patients cut off leg in a hospital in Bihar

In Bihar, there has been an incident which has shown the negligence of the Department of Health. But the department has neither learned anything till date nor wants to learn from its mistakes.

The incident is of Buxar, bihar where a dog ran off with a leg cut off during the patient’s treatment from the hospital’s Operation Theater. For the treatment of a person injured by the train, doctors had to cut his leg in Sadar Hospital. In the meantime, a stray dog ​​was came inside the hospital and escaped with the leg of the said person.

This accident happened when the patient was trying to board the Shramjeevi Express at Buxar Railway Station. The injured person was taken to the Sadar Hospital, where he was treated by the State Railway Police Station.

The patient identified as Ramnath Mishra was a resident of Ara, who was boarding Shramjeevi Express to go from Buxar to Aara. Then his foot slipped and he went under the train. In this accident, one of his hands and one leg became severely injured. Later, he was taken to the Sadar Hospital by the State Railway Police Station, where he was being treated.

Due to severe injury, the leg was kept separate from the body. Meanwhile, the dog from the outside lifted the leg and ran away. Later, the injured person died during treatment.


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