Army disposes 555 unexploded bomb successfully


The Bomb disposal team of Counter Explosive Device Unit of Headquarter Central Command, Lucknow, has successfully disposed off 555 unexploded bombs & ordnances which were buried underground for the past 14 years at Jaspur in District Udham Singh Nagar under provisions of Aid to Civil Authority.

The extremely challenging task of safe extraction and final disposal of the bombs had started on 12 Oct 2018 and was successfully completed on 21 Oct 2018. A team of one officer, one Junior Commissioned Officer and 12 Jawans toiled for 10 days at a site locality near bank of Feeka River near village Hajiro in Udham Singh Nagar district where the unexploded bombs & ordnances were destroyed.

In 2004, Out of 16 containers one or two containers had dangerous and extremely hazardous -consignments which were brought from Iraq. The scrap had a total of 555 Unexploded Explosive Ordnance and the bombs which were later established as artillery & mortar shells and other projectiles of the Gulf War. These were bought by SD Steel Factory, Kashipur from a scrap dealer at Tuglaqabad Delhi. A blast occurred at SD Steel Factory in Dec 2004 resulting in injury and death of workers post which the hazardous unexploded ammunition was buried under the ground.

A request was made by civil administration to Headquarters Central Command, Lucknow for safe disposal of the bombs, artillery shells and other explosive items.

The bombs were destroyed in smaller segregated batches by controlled explosions, so as to mitigate any threat to the local populace, wildlife and properties in the vicinity. The entire process was accomplished under guidance & close supervision of the Commanding Officer, Colonel Vinay Bahl exercising extreme caution and deliberate planning. Counter Explosive Device Unit had pressed into service its entire range of Bomb Disposal equipments and completed this dangerous task on 21 Oct 2018.


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