Anna Burns wins Man Booker prize for ‘milkman’

Writer Ana Burns received the Man Booker Prize 2018 for her novel ‘MilkMan’. She is the first Northern Irish writer to be selected for this prestigious award of English literature. Ana (56), born in Belfast, is the 17th woman to receive this award in the 49-year history of the Man Booker Prize. Anna is the first woman to receive this award after 2013. ‘Milkman’ is her third novel. In Milkman, a romantic story of a woman and a married man has been narrated between political turmoil in Northern Ireland.

¬†Anna Burns was announced the winner of the Prize at a grand ceremony on Tuesday night. Kwame Anthony Appiah, chairman of the committee, set to decide the winner of the year 2018, said, “None of us have read such a thing before. A different voice of Anna Burns challenges conventional thinking and shapes a shocking and drowning prose. ‘Kawme said,’ This is the story of ruthlessness, sexual encroachment and resistance that has been woven with satirical humor . It has been created in the background of the society which is divided against itself. ‘

The prize money of 52,500 pounds (50.85 lakhs) is given to the winner of the Man Booker Prize. Ana, who lives in East Sussex, England, had to face tough competition from two British writers, two American writers and a Canadian writer. Anna has tried to tell in the Milkman, written in the background of an unnamed city, how dangerous and complex the impact on woman in a war-torn city. The special feature of this book is that the designation has been given instead of the names of the characters.


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