Temporary lake formed in Chamoli due to glacial breakoff threat to region

The region of Chamoli has come under threat of a natural disaster due to breaking the Niti Valley Glacier. There is constant water accumulation in this lake. If the water stored in the lake is not removed then it can be dangerous for the low-lying areas. Uttarakhand Space Application Center (USAC) has given full report of the formation of the lake to the state’s Disaster Mitigation Center.

In its report, USAC said that this lake policy is built on the confluence of the Raikanda and Western Kamet Glacier, 14 kilometers above the village. The satellite image of the lake has also been handed over to the government. In the report, the government has been told that there is no danger from the lake right now. But if water is not removed from the lake then it can be dangerous.

Study about the lake

The Wadia Institute, located in Dehradun, only sees such lakes or glaciers. The state will have to urge Wadia Institute to study about the lake.

Kedarnath tragedy also happened due to temporary lake

The cause of Kedarnath disaster that came in June 2013 was due to the breakdown of Chaorabari glacier. This is the biggest event ever since the breakdown of the lake. About 4300 people were killed in this incident and there was heavy loss in the lower valleys.

Why temporary lakes form

Dr PS Negi, senior geologist at the Wadia Institute, says that due to snow melting many times the stream of water flows stops from the debris of the glaciers. For this reason, the lake becomes on the spot. Such lakes can be created for both global warming or natural reasons.

USAC keeping an eye since 2001

USAC Director, Dr. MPS Bisht said that from where the lake is built in Rayakanda and Western Kamet Glacier, there is the origin of Dhauli Ganga, the main tributary of the Alaknanda. The lake was first built here in 2001. After the Kedarnath disaster, intensive monitoring of the lake started. It is known that lake water is increasing and it is necessary to remove it.

What is the precaution?

To prevent possible threat from the lake, the team of scientists will be on the spot immediately. Glacier breakdown can not be avoided but the mechanisms to alert such incidents should be made exhaustively. The government should prevent the population from settling along the vicinity of the Himalayan glaciers.


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