Maruti Suzuki to begin testing 50 electric vehicles in India

Electric cars are the inevitable future of mobility across the world and in India. Osamu Suzuki, Chairman, Suzuki Motor corporation in a NITI Ayog summit announced more detailed plans for EVs too. Maruti Suzuki will start testing 50 electric vehicles in India from next month onwards and will launch its first EV in India in 2020.¬†Maruti Suzuki, India’s largest automaker has already announced plans for a battery plant in India that will start making Lithium Ion batteries from 2020 The electric vehicle program for India will be run alongside and with help from Toyota Motor Corporation with which Maruti Suzuki has a vehicle sharing joint venture.

“We have decided to launch EV in India around 2020 in cooperation with Toyota Motor Corporation. I am pleased to announce today that we will start road running test using fleet of 50 EV prototype vehicles in India from next month in order to develop safe and easy-to-use EV for Indian customers in line with traffic and climatic situation on Indian roads” added the Suzuki chairman.


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