Government bans 328 combination medicines

The government banned 328 medicines containing combinations. The list includes common medicines like painkiller Saridon and skin cream penderm. The Ministry of Health says that these are medicines which do not benefit people’s health. They have been banned in the public interest.

According to media reports, the production, marketing and sale of these drugs has been stopped with immediate effect. These include some cough syrups, cold-cold-flu medicines and anti-diabetic drugs.
Combination and brand of all medicines have not yet been disclosed. The Drug Technical Advisory Board said that the use of ingredients in therapy does not prove to be the right. These are the medicines which are called fixed dosage combinations. For example, if any other drug is mixed with paracetamol then it will be considered as a fixed dose combination.

Eight years ago similar ban was imposed

In March 2010, the government also prohibited 344 such medicines containing the combination. The Delhi High Court had stayed the government’s decision on the petition of pharmaceutical companies in 2016. Drugs with fixed dose combinations (FDC) have been banned, they are being marketed annually from Rs.2500-3,000 crores. Pharma market in India is worth 1.3 lakh crore rupees.


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