Brother attacks brother with acid


A drunken man made acid attack on his family member and injured seven people including two children and two children.

Raghunath singh, who used to extract leesa, has been keeping acid in his house. He has been running family dispute with his brother  Sher Singh for long. On September 10, Raghunath Singh had barged into the house of Sher singh in an inebriated stage. He started abusing his brother Sher Singh and his family members and suddenly verbal fight intensified then he brought five litre acid can from his house and thrown over them.

With this sudden acid attack Jaya Devi, wife of Deewan singh, his wife Jaya Devi and his daughters Kiran and Chandni, Gopal Singh and his wife Neema Devi, Sher singh and his wife Mohini Devi.


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