Student in Kapkot on way for I-Day celebrations dies after being electrocuted

A student of GIC Kapkot died after being hit by electric wire. Police conducted post mortem of the body and handed it to the families. The family has pleaded for compensation from the power department.
Electric pole fell from landslide in Khai Bagad village. Manish Ram (18 years old) of the village, son of Laxman Ram came under the grip of current on the ground. Due to th electric shock, he died on the spot. He was going to college on Wednesday morning at 7:30 pm. He was also a student of NCC. He was participating in a program on August 15, but he could not reach the school. The family is in shock after the incident. Former MLA Lalit Phraswan has termed it as a mistake of the power department and the contractor. He has filed an FIR against the concerned authorities with the police. Meanwhile, SP Mukesh Kumar said that the post mortem has conducted and the body has been handed over to the family. The investigation of the incident has started.


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