One more Solar eclipse awaited this year


This year’s third Solar eclipse going to happen on this month. Although its impact would not happen india because it would partial here.

Astrologer said that on August 11 Sun eclipse may happen. As this is going to happen in the month of Shravan and Saturday so it has more meaning.

This woudl be visible in Russia, Kazakistan, Mangolia, Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Scanadevia, Swalword and China.

Sutak will start before 12 hours of sun eclipse. It would begin by 1332 hour and will continue till 1700 hour. it means Sutak will start by 0130 hour on August 10. During Sutak, temple will be closed and it is being said that during eclipse people should not eat and take extra precaution for pregnant woman.

August 11, Solar eclipse would be third eclipse of this year. Earlier it had happened on February 15 and July 13. Even Lunar eclipse happened twice this year i.e. January 31 and July 27. After this eclipse no more eclipse would happen as per the priest.


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