Maruti Suzuki Launches ‘Quick Response Team’ Initiative

India’s largest automaker, Maruti Suzuki has launched a new on-road assistance program for its customers. The new program, called the ‘quick response team’ will essentially see a qualified technician reach the spot where a breakdown has occurred on a motorcycle for assistance. This service will be a 24×7 assistance service and will be available across 251 cities and will have 250 motorcycle to begin with. The initiative will eventually reach 500 cities by 2020. The motortcycle technicians will have essential tools and parts in order to help a stranded customer and the automaker says that it can resolve almost 90 per cent of all common issues with this service.
The motorcycle will carry essentially like a battery jump starter, a tyre inflator and a toll box. Customers with extended warranty or ongoing warranty can avail of this service free of cost for now. Customers that do not have a warranty agreement or an extended warranty will be charged between Rs 420 to Rs 575 depending on how far the location of the vehicle is from the nearest technician. The customers will also be sent a love GPS location of the technician so that he can be tracked live. The location of the vehicle that has had the breakdown will also be shared with the technician.


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