Government to conduct survey in villages of Pauri and Almora for reverse migration

The government is going to take steps to rehabilitate the 60 villages of Almora and Pauri districts, most affected by migration. These are the villages whose population has remained between two to ten. The Rural Development and Welfare Commission is preparing the plan for development of all these villages. Almora and Pauri districts are in the state where the population has decreased. This is because the continuous migration from the villages. In view of this, the Rural Development and Welfare Commission has decided to prepare a plan of action to beautify stranded villages. In this episode, 30-30 villages of Almora and Pauri have been taken in the first phase. Dr. SS Negi, Deputy Chairman of the Commission, points out that on the basis of the opinion of people living in these villages having population between two to 10, the plan of action will be prepared for economic activities including agriculture.
In the survey, these villages will be covered in other aspects including vacant land, use of houses, basic amenities, work related to socio-economic development. According to Dr. Negi, efforts will be made to people who have migrated from villages during this survey. The motivation behind this is that people should also be motivated for reverse migration. Not only that, these villages will also focus on collective farming. He said that the work plan will be prepared and handed over to the government.


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