Dr Dheer gives new life to Champalal


A man was suffering from rare disease and people used to laugh on him by seeing his bulging belly like a pregnant woman. He was feeling weight on his abdomen but unable to identify the cause of exact reason. He approached several doctors and hospitals for diagnosis but failed. Although doctor prescribed him for ultrasound and CT scan too.

Champalal was having tumour in his abdomen but having no pain on it so he was taking it easy. Although he was not feeling hunger because he keeps feeling heaviness due to this. Later he approaches Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Delhi. There he was advised for several tests and then they reached to the conclusion for operation. Meanwhile Champalal’s problem was getting worsening because his leg were swelling too. He was getting weaker because he was not having proper food as normal person. Fed up with this problem they agreed for surgery.

Talking with BBC, Champalal said that he was under stress when he was asked for operation but could not imagine that he is having tumour. After operation he felt easy like what pregnant woman feels after delivery.

According to Champalal’s son Dinesh, before operation his father’s weight was 63 kg but now having mere 43 kg. According to Dr Ushast Dheer, he had not come across such case earlier. After CT scan he had reached to the conclusion that he is carrying tumour in large size but could not imagine in that much size. It was visible that tumour spread in 80 percent of his belly area.

Dr Dheer was facing problem with champalal’s age because he was 62 years old. As we know that during operation bleeding happens so his body was not in a position to bear this so it becomes tricky for them

To deal with any exigency, they formed a team comprises of 10 doctors. They did his operation on May 26 and it was marathon because it completed in 10 hours. After surgery we found its weight was 10 kg. As per the medical history, in India tomour of that much size was not operated earlier. Due to this tumour patient has witnessed its side effect on his kidney. Even vein, which supply blood up-to heart, got suppressed. Although we were not in position to take risk of excess bleeding. it was another miracle that operation completed without extra blood. Currently Champalal is enjoying healthy life in his home.


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