Do you know-Surprise pregnancy


Do you know that few woman could not identify herself that she is pregnant. Perhaps it would be impossible to believe but this happens. this is being known as Surprise pregnancy and it happens one out of 7250 woman.

During pregnancy hormone secretion happens less which is why bleeding happens lesser than normal period. Due to this woman believes she is having normal routine life and she does not pay attention on her baby, which has been growing in her womb. It happens with the woman who consumes anti-pregnancy pills.

Some woman uterus shape happens abnormal known as bicornuate, which means heart shape. In nutshell her uterus get divided into two parts through septum. It means pregnancy happens in one part and period happens through other parts. Due to this reason woman could not identify herself that she is pregnant and she spends normal routine life

As we know that in modern age woman prefers to buy pregnancy test (PT) kit to identify her condition. Sometimes it gives wrong result. Doctor says that during home test Human Chronic Gonodotropin (HCG) level should be maintained and if you fail then you get wrong result. Due to this reason pregnancy test happens through blood test and it is foolproof.

Besides it, generally woman pays attention when she misses her period but woman, who is having problem of irregular pregnancy, get confused. Irregular period happens due to getting old or changing lifestyle. Whenever such woman misses her period then she does not pay attention with a notion that she is having problem of irregular period

Few reasons–

A false pregnancy test: Home pregnancy tests can give false readings if used improperly, read wrong or taken too early.

Your body weight: Since each person carries weight differently, some women look quite large around the midsection during pregnancy whereas others barely show signs at all. A mother-to-be’s body weight before becoming pregnant can determine whether she and others notice. In addition, women who start a diet or begin an exercising regimen soon after becoming pregnant may not gain a noticeable amount of weight. The weight they lose might negate the pregnancy weight they gain.

Stress: Immense pressure and distress can push even the healthiest of women to deny the reality of pregnancy. Research has shown that stress can induce denied pregnancies in women who have no history of psychological problems.

Mental health: It’s important to know that some (not all) women who experience denied pregnancy have underlying mental health problems that may get in the way of realising they’re pregnant.

Inactive bubba: Whether the baby rests in such a way that makes its movements hard to detect or it’s simply less active than others babies, movement in the womb, or lack thereof, can cause a woman to miss the fact that she’s pregnant.

Overconfidence in contraceptives: This explains why women who don’t know they’re pregnant until they’re in labour are often in shock over their situation.

Mistaking symptoms: Women with a history of ovarian complications such as tumors or cysts may attribute discomfort or pain to their existing condition.


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