Californian Man caught with 362 kilos of stolen lemon

A strange case of theft in the US state of California has surfaced. Here a thief was caught with 362 kilogram of stolen lemons. Surprisingly, the thief is 69 years old. The police caught the thief named Dioncio Fierros with a car. According to the statement of Riverside County Sheriff’s Office, all lemons stolen from the car have been recovered. All these lemons were fresh. However, the police could not know why thieves stole lemons. What he was going to do so with many lemons.

Fierros has been sent to Indio Jail. Even before this cases of theft of agricultural products have surfaced in this area. The police is investigating them.

In Spain, in January, this year the police had recovered 4000 kg of oranges stolen from a car. Although the driver of the car claimed that he was coming from far away and collected oranges from different places along the way.


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