Beware-if you are accepting friend request on social media


Police has arrested a person, who used to trap woman by creating fake id on the name of female, from Haridwar.

He had created a fake id on facebook and used to send friend request to female. Seeing female ID girl used to accept her friend request and thereafter he was misusing her picture. A girl lodged complaint in Gangnahar police station. in which she alleged that few days back she received a friend request from two girl, who claimed themselves as Simran and Shivani. Being a girl she accepted their friend request. On August 21 she received a phone call from Abihnav Kumar and asked her to meet otherwise he would make her picture viral after mopping. Later she received a SMS from Simran and asked her to follow Abhinav instruction.

Following her instruction she agreed to meet Abhinav and gone to park for meeting. Later he took her to a desolated place and tried to misbehave with her. Realising that she has escape from inimical situation somehow and later she lodged police complaint.

Gangnagar police station inspector Kamal Singh Lunthi said that Sandeep had created two id on the name of Shivani and Simran. He himself had called her by changing his name Abhinav. He has accepted his crime.


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