Uber suspends cab driver for live streaming passengers activites

A driver of app-based cab service companies Uber and Lift has a live streaming of hundreds of passenger’s activities on the Video Platform Twitch. This incident belongs to the Missouri state of America. According to the law, it can be recorded only after the consent of any person. At the same time there are questions about the driver’s behavior after the incident. According to the local media, almost all the 700 riders were live streamed by the driver in the St. Louis area.

Passengers did not have information

The passengers revealed to the media that they had no information about their live streaming. Although many said that if they knew it, they would have given their permission, but in this case no information was given to them. The issue of recording the passengers and suspending the driver came in the discussion when the media asked questions about the privacy of the customers. In Missouri state of America, the video recording can only be done by the person’s consent. There are 11 states in the US, such as California, Florida and Illinois, where all the people in the video are required to give their consent.

Statement issued by Uber

The statement issued to Uber said that the footage captured in the video is not in accordance with the company’s guidelines. At the same time, Uber also informed that the company has ended its partnership with the driver. According to Uber’s helpline page, Uber permits its drivers to create videos of riders due to security reasons. But for this, the ride should be aware of it and at the same time their permission is also necessary. Apart from this, it is also necessary for the driver to follow the laws of that state too.


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