Real life Ironman takes to the streets in London

So far, we have seen Iron Man wearing a special suit in the Hollywood movie and flying in the sky. But the real life ‘Iron Man’ in Britain is gaining headlines. Richard Browning, wearing a special suit, starts flying in the air as soon as he blinks. Just like the movie superhero Browning, the son of London’s former oil trader, has prepared it with the use of 3-D printed parts, special electronics and five jet engines. Anyone can fly it after the receiving training of running this suit. To buy a special suit, be prepared to shell out the big bucks. Browning has priced it at Rs 3.04 crores ($ 4,42,396).

Fly in the air runs in the family

Browning’s father was also an aeronautical engineer while his grandfather was a pilot flying pilot. His Grandmother used to run a helicopter company too. The start of this suit was made by Browning just for fun. Later he began working seriously on seeing the film’s popularity. After returning from work, he started working on it in the evening. Last year he started his company.


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