Police gets post mortem reports of 10 out of 11 family members in Burari case

In the case of mass suicides in New Delhi’s Burari 11 people of the same family had died mysteriously. On Wednesday, the post-mortem report of 10 people was found in this case, where police theory seems to be proven to be true. Based on the post mortem report, the police say that 10 people have been killed by hanging. There are no signs of injury on the body. In such a case it can be said that 10 people died due to hanging. Now in this case, the post-mortem report of the eldest member of the family Narayani Devi has not been reported.

unlike others, Narayani Devi’s body was lying on the ground in the room. All the doctors’  are having mixed opinions in their post-mortem report, so on Tuesday the doctors team also visited the house.The team of doctors will once again interact with each other and give final report, to know the real reason for the death of Narayani Devi.

The story of Diwali was written in the family register

Earlier in the register received from the Bhatia family, mentioning ‘wandering soul’. There is also a mention of possibility that the family will not be able to see the next Diwali. A senior police official said that one of the dead, Lalit Singh Chundawat’s body allegedly came to the soul of his father and after that he used to do acts like his father and used to write notes. In the register, on November 11, 2017, Lalit mentioned ‘someone’s fault’ for failing to ‘achieve something’ of the family.


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