Ayushman scheme will be universal in Uttarakhand

All 27 lakh families of the state will get health cover

· Benefit of treatment will be available not only in Uttarakhand but enlisted hospitals anywhere in the country

· Being operated on trust mode, State Health Agency will have effective control

· The framework of Ayushman Uttarakhand scheme prepared in a meeting organized under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Mr. Trivendra Singh Rawat at Secretariat

Ayushman scheme will be universal in Uttarakhand. Under the scheme, all the people of the state will get a health cover of Rs 5 lakhs. This will benefit 27 lakh families. The scheme will be in trust mode on TPA. In a meeting organized in connection with the Ayushman Uttarakhand scheme at Secretariat on Wednesday, Chief Minister Mr. Trivendra Singh Rawat said that providing social security to its citizens is the highest priority of the government. Prosperous Uttarakhand is possible only with healthy Uttarakhand. He directed the officials to prepare a fool-proof plan for the implementation of the Ayushman scheme in Uttarakhand. Instructions were also issued for having special provision for encouraging hospitals operating in the hill areas.

In the meeting organised under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Mr. Trivendra Singh Rawat, elaborate discussions were held regarding the blueprint of Ayushman Uttarakhand scheme. On the instructions of the Chief Minister, it was decided that all the families of the state will be benefited from Ayushman Uttarakhand scheme. About 27 lakhs families will come under this. The scheme will be implemented on trust mode instead of insurance mode. Third Party Administrator (TPA) will be the medium for claim processing. The state run U-Health and Chief Minister’s Health Insurance Scheme will be integrated in the Ayushman Uttarakhand scheme. Ayushman Uttarakhand will provide health cover to all the people of the state. Because of being linked with Ayushman Bharat, the beneficiaries will get the benefit of treatment not only in Uttarakhand but in all the enlisted hospitals at any place in the country.

It was told that with the implementation of the scheme in the trust mode, the decision in the institutional structure and the implementation will be controlled by the State Administration. In this, the hospitals will be enlisted by the State Health Agency and the treatment of beneficiaries will be paid directly by the State Health Agency. State Health Agency will be directly monitoring the quality of health care in hospitals related to this. In this scheme, compared to private health insurance companies, very less premiums will be taken from the beneficiaries.


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