100 rupee note to be launched soon by RBI

A new note of Rs 100 will be issued soon by the Reserve Bank of India. These new notes of the Mahatma Gandhi series will be signed by the current Governor Urjit Patel. According to the statement issued by the central bank, the back of this new note will be a picture of ‘Rani Ki Wav’ located in Patan district of Gujarat. The ‘Rani ki Wav’ is a stepwell, its picture will be displayed and India’s heritage will be shown.

What will be on the fron to f the 100 rupee new note

1. The digits ‘100’will be written at the bottom.

2. ‘100’ will be printed in Devanagari script, to the left of Gandhi Ji’s picture.

3. In the middle will be a picture of Mahatma Gandhi.

4. ‘RBI’, ‘India’, and ‘100’ will be written in microletters.

5. On the right side of Mahatma Gandhi’s picture will be the promise clause and below it will be the Governor’s sign.

The inks used in printing are Indian and the security features have also been fully prepared in India. Another notable feature of the note is a typical monument. In the last part of the note, the Queen’s Bawri located at Patan of Gujarat, which is included in UNESCO’s World listwill appear on the note in. The photo of Gandhiji will be one of the prime security feature on the new note. This security feature will be kept secret but it will be in contrast to the color of the note. The color of the note will be light purple. According to RBI sources, this is the biggest security feature. Apart from this, nearly two dozen micro security features have been increased, which is not in old notes.


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