Maoist conspires to kill Modi


Five persons arrested earlier this week for their alleged links with the banned Communist Party of India (Maoist), who were conspiring to assassinate Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Pune police told a Sessions Court on Thursday.

To ascertain it, the police produced a “letter” which they said had been found at the Delhi residence of prisoners’ rights activist Rona Wilson, stating the Maoists were planning to eliminate PM Modi in an attack similar to that on former PM Rajiv Gandhi in Tamil Nadu in 1991. The letter is addressed to one Comrade Prakash by sender “R”. It is mentioned the need for Rs eight crore to procure an M4 rifle and four lakh rounds of ammunition for the purpose.

“The Modi-led Hindu fascism is bulldozing its way into the lives of indigenous tribess. Despite facing big defeats like Bihar and West Bengal, Modi has managed to establish BJP governments in more than 15 states. If this continues, it would mean immense trouble for the party on all fronts. Senior comrades have proposed concrete steps to end Modi raj and were thinking along the lines of another Rajiv Gandhi-type incident,” the purported letter reads.

“It sounds suicidal and there is a possiblity that we may fail, but we feel that the party PB (Politbureau/central committee) must deliberate over our proposal. Targeting his roadshows could be an effective strategy. We collectively believe that survival of the party is supreme…,” Public Prosecutor Ujjwala Pawar quoted from the letter, maintaining the Politbureau of the banned group might have considered the proposal.

In Jammu, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh said the government was “always serious about the PM’s security” and that the Maoists were fighting a losing battle.

Cong raises doubts
Mumbai Congress president Sanjay Nirupam wondered if the letter seized by Pune police was authentic. “I am not saying it is completely untrue, but it has been PM Modi’s old tactic since he was Gujarat CM. Whenever his popularity declines, news of an assassination plot is planted,” he said.

with inputs of tribune


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