BJP-PDP Alliance govt fails to crush terrorism


The growing resentment in the party cadre and its traditional voters in Jammu & Kashmir and elsewhere is the key reason for the party’s decision to pull out of the coalition government in the state, sources said.
The party’s core support was unhappy and the cadre dispirited over the PDP-BJP government’s inability to deliver on its agenda of development and crushing terrorism. Ram Madhav, BJP general secretary, emphasised that the BJP had joined hands with the PDP in national interest and for the same reason it was now parting ways with the ideologically different regional party.

“For the BJP, Jammu and Kashmir is a matter of great national importance too. There is a grave concern in the country over the deteriorating security situation in the state. National integration is paramount for the BJP and it can’t compromise on that,” he said.

Violence during the Ramzan ceasefire, increasing radicalisation, the Kathua rape and murder case and the perceived discrimination against Jammu and Ladakh are believed to be the other reasons for the BJP’s decision. Also, the party workers were upset over the Centre “abandoning” the BJP’s long-standing agenda, especially Article 370, and “humouring” Mehbooba even though she continued to back “soft separatism.

An RSS leader said the BJP was fast losing ground and the Sangh too had recommended it was time for the party to part ways with the PDP. “2019 may be an electoral battle for the BJP, but for the RSS it is an ideological battle. Our biggest challenge comes from the ‘break India brigade’ backed by extremists,” he said.
Apparently, the issue was discussed during the recent meeting of “sangathan mantris” at Surajkund.
Though largely seen as an effort to assuage the core BJP-RSS cadre, observers believe it would not be surprising if the BJP leadership took Mehbooba into confidence before the announcement.


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