A Journey from ‘Devbhoomi’ to ‘Yogbhoomi’;TS Rawat


I heartily welcome Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, a popular leader on his arrival in ‘Devbhoomi’ on the occasion of International Yoga Day. I am extremely happy that this time that the “Mahakumbh” of yoga is being held in “Yogbhoomi” of Uttarakhand. More than 50,000 people will be lucky do yoga along with Prime Minister in the clean environment of Uttarakhand. There is great enthusiasm amongst the resident of Uttarakhand on this Yoga festival.

The acceptance of proposal of Yoga at the global level is a transformative happening. Remember, the day of September 27, 2014 when Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi mooted the proposal for International Yoga Day for world peace and prosperity at the United Nations General Assembly. It was not only a historic moment but it was also a moment of pride for every Indian. A consensus was reached in record three months’ time on the proposal in United Nations.  The United Nations gave its’ consent on December 11, 2014 to announce to celebrate June 21 as International Yoga Day. The entire world getting united for yoga is not a simple happening. Similarly, the day June 21, 2018 for yoga will be transformative for Uttarakhand.

The holding of International Yoga Day function in Uttarakhand is not less than a blessing. Uttarakhand has been the capital of yoga and spiritualism. The sadhus and saints had practiced yoga and spiritualism in the caves of Uttarakahnd since ancient times. The river of yoga has started from Uttarakhand and again responsibility of holding “Mahakumbh” of yoga being given to us is fortunate for us. This day will prove be transformative in the history of Uttarakhand. I heartily thank Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi.

We all know that tourism will play an important role in the economy of Uttarakhand. Yoga and Spiritualism can have special contribution in this. The message of Yoga going from ‘Devbhoomi’ to every nick and corner of the world will help attract foreign tourists. This will give an identity to Uttarakhand as ‘Yogbhoomi’. This will provide an opportunity to the youth of the state to connect with yoga and tourism and generate large scale employment. The yoga will not help in keeping healthy but will also improve the economic condition of the state. Our government is working to develop 13 new tourist destinations in 13 districts. We will be able to give a new direction to tourism by aligning with yoga and spiritualism. Yoga is a holistic approach towards health and welfare.  Yoga is not just physical exercises but a medium to be in consonance with the nature. This will help us change our life styles by creating awareness to fight not only regional but also global problems also.

The historic step for the welfare of human race reflects the Indian philosophy of “सर्वेभवंतु सुखिन: सर्वे संतु निरामया: (May All become Happy, May All be Healthy)”।

 Lets all come together to incorporate the “Yoga mantra” given by Prime Minister for global welfare in our lives to enjoy the bliss of life.


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