Tourists can now enjoy scuba diving in Tehri lake

During the Tehri Lake Festival for the first time scuba diving event was also held in the lake. During this time, experts went to the depths of Tehri lake and enjoyed scuba diving and watched the ruins of old Tehri city immersed in the lake.

During the Tehri Lake Festival on Friday, there was a historical moment for Tehri Lake. Till now Water sports and boating were still being conducted in Tehri Lake constructed in 2006. While tourists from abroad used to enjoy water sports and sailing, but today, during the Tehri Lake Festival, a scuba diving was also organized here. About 15 people enjoyed scuba diving throughout the day. Gautam, an expert from Scuba Diving from Delhi, told that there are immense possibilities of scuba diving in Tehri Lake here, the city submerged in the lake will be a major tourist attraction. It will also provide information about the culture of old Tehri. Shana, a specialist in scuba diving from Goa, told that the Tehri Lake is a great tourist destination. Water sports can be the largest hub of the country here. Promotion of little facilities and adventure sports, youth here can also make names in adventure games.

Mount Everest winner Arvind Rathuri told that the scuba diving in Tehri Lake is very important in its own right. After the commencement of this event, more tourist inflow is expected in Tehri, tourists can find the city submerged under Tehri Lake.


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