Children lost their limb due to UPCL negligence


Do you know, Uttarakhand, where state government is struggling hard to find out the solution of consistent migration but on the other hand UPCL officials’ negligence four children between age group of 4-10 years have become handicapped because doctor has amputated their limb. In which three children belong to  Tehri district and one belong to Chamoli district. Instead of punishing to the guilty officials they have been shirking their responsibility by giving mere Rs two lakh to the aggrieved parents. Now question is that is it the cost of four handicapped children?

Coincidentally Prime Minister Narendra Modi is running Beti Bachao Beti Padhao campaign to promote girl child but here two girl out of four children came in contact of live wire because it was fallen and no officials bothered to disconnect it or repair it. They stuck in afternoon while coming back from school.


Talking to the Chandan Singh, father of Lakshmi (8 years) and Ritika (10 years), said that his daughters were coming back from school on April 20, 2018 a live wire were fallen and they stuck with it. Thanks to the other children who shouted for their help then people from nearby areas rushed for their help. Somehow they detached them. Immediately they took them to nearby hospital then they brought them in coronation hospital and they referred to Sri Mahant indresh (SMI) hospital, Dehradun. Since then they are being treated by Dr Sanjay Sadhu.

Doctor has amputated lakshmi’s two finger of her left hand and left leg severely burnt while Ritika’s thumb of Right hand chopped and currently she has been kept in ICU because her condition worsening.

Third victim is four-year-old Shishank. His father Govind Singh said doctor has told that his Right wrist may be amputated. He said that three children Lakshmi, Ritika and Shishank belong to his family. Initially UPCL Executive Engineer Rakesh Kumar has assured that he would meet their expense was picking his phone but now he and other officials have stopped responding to his call. They said that in general ward they are paying Rs 1000 per day, ICU expense coming Rs 10000 per day while burn ward expense coming Rs 5000 per day. By profession Govind Singh and Chandan Singh are farmers and unable to meet the expense.

A resident of Lambagad, chamoli resident Durga Singh said that his five year old son  Jagveer came in  contact of transformer, which was installed on ground and left uncovered by UPCL. He came in contact of it while playing in March, 23, 2018. Doctor has amputated his left hand upto shoulder and left leg upto knee. He said that chief minister had sanctioned Rs two lakh from chief minister relief fund (CMRF) and neither sanctioned fund reached to him nor guilty officials booked so far.

Ironically chief minister Trivedra singh Rawat is talking about reverse migration to village but who will put their children’s life in danger due to sheer negligence?


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