55 hours long Yedurappa govt fallen


BS Yedurappa, who had taken oath as chief minsiter of karnataka, has resigned from the government with immediate effect. As we know that he was sworn in as chief minister of karnataka on May 17 by the governor despite knowing that congress and JD(S) alliance government has achieved magic figure i.e. 114. Even he had asked the Yedurappa to prove majority in next 15 days.

Following on it they  (Cong & JD S alliance) challenged the decision in apex court and court asked the Yedurappa to do floor test on May 19 by 4 pm. Even court ordered the vidhan sabha to provide live feed to the electronic media too. With this decision it had cleared that now BJP led Karnataka government would not get longitivity.

Realising their status that they don’t have majority because neither congress nor JD S MLAs agreed to shift their loyalty, chief minsiter Yedurappa decided to quit without convening floor test. He made emotional speech in the house and claimed that he would continue to fight for farmers. By starting emotional speech he had given enough hint to the nation that he would not continue as CM of karnataka and finally he announced that he is going to tender his resignation to governor.


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