2 suspects trigger IED blasts in Indian restaurant in Canada; 15 injured

In an Indian restaurant in Mississauga, Canada, 15 people were injured in the Improvised Explosive Device (IED) explosion. According to ‘CBC Canada’, a campaign for the search of two suspects has been started, who executed the expolsion at the Bombay Bhel restaurant and fled after the explosion. This incident took place around 10.30 pm on Thursday (May 24) in the restaurant located east of Hunterrey Street and Ellington Avenue.

According to the police, it is being said that a suspect is tall and wide in appearance and is between 20 and 28 years old. It is believed that he had worn deep blue jeans and covered the head with hoodie and baseball cap, while the face was covered with black cloth.

The second suspect is a thin-lean white man, who was wearing light blue jeans and gray color t-shirt. He covered his head with a dark hood and kept wearing dark skate boots. Joe Corstenje of Peel Regional Paramedic Services said that three people have been seriously injured in the blast and have been admitted to the Trauma Center in the neighboring city of Toronto.

CBC quoted Cortenje saying that 12 people were minorly injured. However, the police did not elaborate about how many people were inside the restaurant during the blast and where the explosion happened in the restaurant?


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