Sunny Gupta- fragrance of a noble soul

Tarun Vijay


Its difficult to believe Sunny Gupta is no more. He was an inseparable part of our world view and whenever we thought of anything about Uttarakhand, Himalaya’s development and education, he was there- with invaluable suggestions and help. His virtuous father , Ved Prakash Gupta belongs to a genre who believes in spreading the ancient virtues of our civilization through education. He was Sunny’s idol and source of inspiration. 

Sunny visualized the Aryan school with an unmatched passion and zeal. A centre for academic excellence thats rooted in the Indic civilizational values and inculcating a sense of belongingness and pride in  the Vedic knowledge . He meticulously worked on smallest details – the designing, architecture, sports facilities, class room atmosphere , music classes , transportation , discipline, and above all basic human values to be imparted so that a child’s personalty flowers  holistically. Merely literacy is not education- he would say- unless a student learns the values of humanity. To be humble, to help others, respecting parents and teachers, working to serve Mother India , internalizing the spiritual teachings and inculcating a sense of patriotism helps a literate person to become a complete educated  human- that was his belief.

I remember when last year we organized Shaurya Samman’ programme with the Minister of State for defense Dr Subhash Bhamre   , Sunny was all help and we took that opportunity to have him honored by the Hon’ble minister for his leadership qualities in the field of education and social sector. He was unwell, he couldn’t walk , he had to move on a. Wheel chair- still he promised and made it to the programme. We were all delighted and inspired by his strong will power.

He was a personified ‘steel-will’ . For him nothing was impossible and nothing unachievable – if you decide sincerely- you can do it. What Dr Abdul Kalam Azad used to say- he was already applying it. He never conceptualized anything small- whether it was the school annual function or a theater fest or literary meet, he reached for the top names- best designs, world class arrangements and  performances – so that students learn how to think big and spread their wings to dream higher and higher and develop a sense of confidence to realize those dreams too.

For the last five years, I was attending almost all of his annual functions and programs. He made it very very special for me overwhelming me with his immeasurable love and affection. There was something too deep and spiritual in his eyes. Full of enthusiasm, ever eager to think something out of box, ever ready to take up  a new idea to work upon, ever anxious to undertake a new journey – he was made of steel nerves and a rock like determination to materialize his dreams.

It was this aspect of his soul that made him face all the rough times, and cross over the tests of fire with ease and aplomb. His health continued to deteriorate , but his new plans too continue to soar higher and higher. 

About three yers before I composed a lyric on Uttarakhand’s glory and grace. He liked it and immediately provided help from his schools music department. I remember he prepared his students to sing it and they created such a mesmerizingly beautiful melody that it became an instant hit and almost in all our social programs that was a must. 

When the then Defense Minister Shri Manohar Parrikar visited dehradun to lay the foundation stone of the War Memorial, I requested sunny if he can send his students to have Jai jai Uttarakhand song presented on that historic occasion. Perhaps that was a difficult time- as students were busy in sports or in middle of exams. But sunny and never said no to any of my proposals. He sent a small group of students with his music teacher and the students added immensely to the enrichment of the War memorial programme.

During Doklam  standoff-, it was Sunny’s decision to send hundreds of Rakhis made by students to Sikkim through Defense Minister and his students were received in Ministry of Defense, South Block, New Delhi, where Minister Dr Subhash Bhamre, Dr Jagadambika Paul, KP and Jawans received rakhis from aryan students . Aryan became country’s first school to show solidarity with japans during that time.Similarly when Modi govt announced Demonetistion, Aryan school students were sent by sunny and they supported them calling them as ‘Economic Warriors’ thus lifting g the morale of govt employees. Such was his nationalistic fervour.

He loved journeying to distant, little known parts of the globe. An adventurist at heart, who would know he will take the final adventure to go on a  his heavenly journey never to return again. I am sure wherever he will be , he will make that place even better  and more enriching- for the gods too.

His fragrance will always be there- in the valley of wisdom that Dehradun is because of people like Sunny and on the high peaks of Himalayas where his glory will always be radiant  intermingled with every ray of the Sun for ever.


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