Karnataka lokayukta justice P Vishwanatha Shetty stabbed inside Bengaluru office

Karnataka lokayukta Vishwanath Shetty was injured when a complainant stabbed him in his Bengaluru office on Wednesday, police said.

Shetty was out of danger and the accused, Tejaraj Sharma, had been arrested, Karnataka home minister Ramalinga Reddy said.
According to reports, Justice Shetty was stabbed at least three times by the attacker, identified as Tejas Sharma, while he was hearing a case in his office.

Reports said that the attacker, a bus conductor, allegedly was in a crowd of complainants who had come to meet the Lokayukta in his office in the ground floor of the Multi-Storey Building, also known as MS Building. The Karnataka Home Minister told news agency PTI: “According to information I have, someone claiming to be an advocate had gone to the office and stabbed him.”

The Lokayukta was stabbed two to three times after which he fell to the floor bleeding. The attack was filmed on security cameras. The entry register showed Sharma entered the government complex, known as the Multi-storey Building, at around 12.45pm to meet the lokayukta, who is tasked with probing corruption charges against public servants.  Sharma entered the chamber at around 1.45pm when Shetty was having his lunch, a police officer with the lokayukta’s office said on condition of anonymity. Police were investigating how Sharma made his way into the office with a weapon.


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