Will BJP take disciplinary action against Champion?


Khanpur MLA Kunwar Pranav Singh Champion, who met with BJP national president Amit Shah in Delhi on February 13, has embarrassed the party and its leaders including state BJP president Ajay Bhatt. Although state chief minister Trivendra Singh Rawat has categorically said that MLA Champion is sportsperson so he has extra energy so media should not give unnecessary attention on it.

State president Bhatt has categorically said that he would review all the video footage and if he has spoken against the government, minister or party then party would seek explanation from him. If he fails to give satisfactory answer, then party may take disciplinary action against him.

After meeting with party president MLA Champion has mentioned on his facebook page ‘Mission accomplished”. Talking to media he said that he met with Shah and he has asked him to have patience and party will address your grievance.

Champion is running annoyed with the state government and his video has become viral on social media these days. Recently he made statement that he is representing his constituency fourth consecutive term. Whether government makes him minister or not does not matter he will remain lion. Before this he has already expressed his displeasure over his ignorance by the party. He suggested that if party believes that he is not fit here then party can send him to Rajasthan. Even he has been running annoyed over the hardiwar district panchayat issue and said that he would meet party president and prime minister too.

Sources said that with this incident party and government are running annoyed with him. In view of this state chief minister has met twice with state BJP president. Now party is scrutinizing the matter. Bhatt reiterated that everybody should understand that BJP is party with discipline and indiscipline will not be tolerated in any circumstance.

MLA Champion said that he had some grievance and when state chief minister and state president did not pay heed on his issue then he decided to meet party national president. Now he has apprised his grievance to the party national president and he has been given assurance by him. Now he has been seeking appointment with the prime minister.


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