Talent and dedication bring success


The ace tennis player Mahesh Bhupathi said that a person endowed with talent always excel in every filed. Talent and dedication are what bring about success if they are blended together. He expressed these views while talking to mediaperson at Selaqui International School on Saturday.

“The country does not lack talent. The only thing we need to succeed is focus, complete and unwavering,” he said, adding that he had not seen even a single case during his tennis career spanning over three decades when one endowed with talent supported by dedication failed. However, one of course needs a guide who would help him march towards his destination.

Replying to a question why Indian players are no match for those of some other countries as  far as men’s singles  are concerned, he said that things need to be nurtured from the grass root levels. “While some countries are doing it we are lagging behind. This must be got over to help India shine in this section of the game. Unless things are put into the right place we can hardly expect miracles,” he said.

Asked about the prospects of tennis in Dehradun, he said that the thing is that tennis is yet to catch the imagination of the youngsters here and that is why the place is not producing outstanding players. “Besides, what we badly need is an well-oiled system like what we are having in the arena of cricket.  We have under -12, under-14 aside from Ranji. Cricketers are being churned out of them. As far as tennis is concerned, we regrettably have no such system which can churn out players. Miracles do not happen anywhere in life,” he said.

Dwelling on the status of cricket and tennis, he said that while cricket is being treated like a deity to be adored tennis is vegetating in the wilderness. “However, we are trying to reach youngsters who can go far through a bit of nurturing, care and training,” Bhupathi said.

Asked about talent failing because of lack of sponsorship, he was quick to dismiss the notion. “This is being used as an excuse to cover things. As for me, I never got any sponsorship whatsoever. Let me say with invincible conviction that nothing can stop a person endowed with talent and with unwavering dedication from making the world to take notice of him.  If you show talent others would gather to help you go ahead,” he said.

When he was asked for a message to the youngsters aspiring to march ahead in life, the tennis stalwart said that there is no shortcut to success. “Hard work coupled with dedication is what is needed.  One must be ready to take things in his stride and march ahead in spite the obstacles, however daunting


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