Read it-if you consume energy drink?


A wide variety of energy drinks have become available for consumers over the years promising to make people feel rejuvenated. But these products may also have disastrous side effects if one goes overboard.

A man almost lost his life to brain haemorrhage as he drank 25 cans of energy drinks in just six hours. He was diagnosed with severe caffeine overdose and scans showed he had a brain bleed.

Nick Mitchell was running a karaoke evening in a hot club when he consumed high amount of Monster and Red Bull. He woke up with a blinding headache and was rushed to a hospital.

This was just the beginning for the 51-year-old who went on to suffer several mini strokes for weeks to come. This left him numb and unable to speak as the supply of oxygen to his brain was reduced.

He says the drinks are bad as drugs and should not be sold as they nearly killed him. A single can contains around 160 mg caffeine which is more than a double espresso and 14 teaspoons of sugar.

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