Ratgaon to get electricity by June 2018


After Seven decades of the Independence, Ratgaon the remote region of Chamoli district will be illuminated by electricity.  A complaint had been lodged through the CM Trivendra Singh Rawat’s official mobile application. Taking cognizance on the complaint, the Chief Minister’s Office has directed the officials of Uttarakhand Power Corporation Limited (UPCL) to take immediate action. UPCL officials assured the CMO that electricity would be provided to the village by June, 2018. Action has been initiated to light the village through Deen Dayal Gram Jyoti Yojna.

Actually, Pradeep Singh Farswan, from Ratgaon (Chamoli), had filed a complaint on the Chief Minister’s mobile app on February 7 regarding the problems of the village. It was said in the complaint that after 70 years of independence; more than four hundred families were still deprived of electricity. There has been continuous demand from the government administration about the electrification of the village. But the demands of the villagers were ignored. Rural people are compelled to live in the dark.

Even after this, the correspondence was done continuously with the government to light the village of the remote area. By taking cognizance of Pradeep’s complaint registered on the CM mobile app, the CM office has taken quick action. UPCL officials were instructed to provide electricity at Ratgaon as early as possible on priority basis. The complainant has expressed gratitude to the Chief Minister’s office in this regards.


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