Man dies after being allegedly thrashed by hospital staff in Delhi

Family members of a man have lodged a complaint with the police claiming that he died after being allegedly thrashed by the staff of a hospital in south-west Delhi, a charge denied by the facility.

Sonu, 32, had gone to the Rao Tula Ram (RTR) Hospital in Jafarapur on Sunday with his wife, where he had some quarrel with the hospital staff, a family member claimed.

“He was then thrashed by staff of the hospital and died of injuries later,” the family member alleged.

Police said that it has received a complaint from the family, but not yet registered a case. Sonu’s wife Radhika said that she had taken medicines that did not suit her because of which her health deteriorated and she had to be hospitalised. “My husband was not satisfied with my treatment at the hospital and he told that to the doctors present there. They, in turn, shouted at him and dragged him to another room that was adjacent to the one where I was admitted,” she said.

She said that her brother-in-law and nephew were present outside her room and saw Sonu being taken inside another room. He was allegedly thrashed there as his relatives heard his screams for help.

“We went to Radhika and told her Sonu was being beaten, soon after which she rushed to check on him. He was lying unconscious,” said Vivek, Sonu’s nephew.


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