India’s GDP to reach $ 3 trillion in 2019; opined Doval


India Foundation, founding Director Shourya Doval shared his vision of Future India with students of UPES.

He said would be lived by today’s youth. He stressed on three important aspects of Future India, which included ‘Safe India’  ‘Prosperous India’ & ‘Fair India’. He spoke on both internal & external safety threats to citizens of India and the work which has already been launched towards mitigating the existing threats. He corroborated this by sharing some statistical data, which clearly indicated the positive shape of things to unfold in our country.

Sharing his vision on prosperous India he brought before the audience GDP data of the past 70 years, in 1960 the Indian GDP was a meagre $ 300 million. It took 47 years for this GDP to reach $ One trillion mark but the next trillion-dollar mark was achieved in just seven years. Extrapolating the data, he opined that India’s GDP would cross the $ Three trillion mark in 2019. Apart from the geometrical economic progression which India is poised to make going forward, he also spoke on the concept of shared prosperity which Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been emphasizing upon ever since he took over the office. Doval referred to several government initiatives launched recently including ‘Jan-Dhan’ & ‘Mudra’ yojna’s.

Speaking on Fairness in India going forward he said that the future of India will see meritocracy as the fundamental parameter of leveraging opportunities and not  the referral based leveraging as this country has seen so far. “As India unfolds in the next few years it will not matter who you know but what will matter is what you know” he said.  In his address, he attributed the success of streamlining governance and implementing much needed administrative reforms to the fast developing world of Information Technology.

In his opening remarks Arun Dhand, Director –Media Affairs of introduced UPES to the visiting dignitaries also shared with them the journey so far of the University. Dr S J Chopra, Chancellor.

The open house question and answer session of students with Mr Doval lasted for almost one hour in which the students raised some pertinent concerns based on their perceptions which Doval responded to with relevant data and statistics which addressed all their anxieties and concerns. Running short on time, he requested the students to send him their queries on his email and that he would be happy to respond to them. Dr Tabrez Ahmed, Director, School of Law, UPES along with all the senior faculty of school of Law attended the two-hour seminar which was held in the jam packed auditorium of the School of Law in UPES.


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