Government takes measures to promote Yoga and Ayurveda across the world

 Ministry of AYUSH undertakes various measures to promote international cooperation for development of AYUSH systems of Medicine including Yoga and Ayurveda such as (i) Signing of Country to Country Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) on ‘Cooperation in the field of Traditional Medicine’; (ii) ‘Setting up of AYUSH Academic Chairs in Foreign Universities/Institutes’ (iii) Signing of MoUs for ‘Undertaking Collaborative Research’ to enhance the acceptability of AYUSH systems at International level (iv) Setting up of AYUSH Information Cells in the premises of the Indian Missions/ICCR Cultural Centres for dissemination of  authentic  information. (v)   Organization /  participation in     International exhibitions/ conferences/ workshops/ seminars/ road shows/ trade fairs, etc. to create awareness amongst the local population;  (vi) Providing incentives to AYUSH drug manufacturers/ entrepreneurs/ AYUSH institutions, etc. for (a) participating in International exhibitions/ conferences/ workshops/ seminars/ road shows/ trade fairs, etc. for generating awareness amongst the participating public about the AYUSH systems of medicine and; (b) registration of AYUSH products with regulatory authorities of the foreign countries.

Funds allocated to promote Ayurveda, Yoga and other AYUSH systems of Medicine across the world during last three years are as below:

Year 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18
Funds allocated 850 Lakhs 1400 Lakhs 1528 Lakhs


The data on the number of foreign tourists who visited India for AYUSH system of medication is not maintained by the Ministry of AYUSH

To increase the awareness about the AYUSH systems and promoting the wider use of AYUSH products, the Ministry of AYUSH has been taking up various activities as mentioned above in reply to part (a) of the question.


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