International level Skiing Race to be organized from January 15-21 in Auli

The International Skiing Race will be organized from January 15-21 in Auli. This is a great opportunity for skii lovers in Uttarakhand to compete in the international level FIS Race.
Auli is one of the most beautiful places in the world boasting of slopes which are a ski lovers dream. There is immense potential for tourism. Lots of tourists visit here every year for taking advantage of the splendorous beauty. According to sources all the facilities will be provided by the government to all the players, tourists and guests who join the FIS race held in Auli. The preparations for the FIS race have almost been completed and Artificial snow making with the instruments like artificial snow-making snow gun machines, snow wear, Everest groomer etc have been kept on standby to make the event a success.
According to the technical team present at Auli site the artificial process of snow making is with the atmosphere having a higher humidity and the temperature dropping below freezing temperature that is below zero degree Celsius temperature and they try to replicate the same situation push water at high pressure through very fine nozzles mixing it with high pressure air and injecting this atomised mist of water in the atmosphere. As soon as this mist comes in contact with the sub zero degree atmosphere it becomes snow .
There are two kinds of guns the fixed guns which have been placed along the slopes and moving portable guns which can be moved anywhere on the slope. The right ambient temperature is very important lower the temperature better the snow production.


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