Depressed person takes such step to seek attention; Dr Sona


Transporter Prakash Pande’s death, who had consumed celphos before entering into the Janta darbar led by cabinet Minister Subodh Uniyal at state BJP head office, indicates that he had prepared meticulous plan to end his life. Psychologist  says, some persons under extreme depression take such step with a belief that they are doing it for wider perspective.

Some people make demonstrative attempt with a hope that they would be saved. Now question is that will government take action against the person, with whom or his presence he consumed celphos? As an audio video is running on social media while sitting in a vehicle addressing video message to a person.

The time and place chosen by Pande to commit suicide shows that how much he was aggrieved with the system. It seems he had lost all kind of hope that is why he decided to end his life. It is a lesson
to the system to take care of person because he alleged that he had been running between pillar to post for seeking help but all attempt went into vain

Noted Psycologist and counsellor Dr Sona Kaushal Gupta said that suicide is extreme form of chronic depression and in this case it appears a well planned suicide to grab the attention.

She added that from the information she has got from the media it looks like a case of altruistic suicide where the perpetrator does it in a belief that he is doing it for benefit of others. Dr Sona Kaushal added that depression is the root cause of suicide under which capacity of rational thinking is destroyed and the patient takes the extreme step of ending one’s life.

Psychiatrist says, Pande might have attempted suicide with an objective to gain attention. Eventually it has proven fatal.


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